Smith Co. man set to be executed this week for 1998 murder

Officials: Troy Clark set to die by lethal injection on Wednesday evening

Video: Smith Co. man set to be executed this week for 1998 murder

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Smith County man is set to be executed this week for the 1998 murder of a Tyler woman. Troy Clark, 51, was convicted in 2000 for the May 19, 1998, murder of Christina Muse.

“Christina Muse turned up to be missing,” said David Dobbs, a former Smith County prosecutor. “A search was undertaken to try and find her. We had a joint federal-state task force at the time. So we had FBI agents, Tyler police, and sheriff’s deputies working together trying to find her body. And that went on for a pretty good time.”

Court documents show Muse was Clark’s former roommate. Clark was concerned that Muse would snitch on him about his drug dealings. Evidence presented during the trial shows Clark, with the help of another roommate, stunned Muse with a stun gun, bound her hands, legs, and mouth with duct tape, struck her with a board, and drowned her in a bathtub. The body was later found on the property of Clark’s landlord in a barrel filled with cement mix.

“There’s nothing you see in a fictional television show that is any worse than what happened in our county at the hands of Troy Clark."
David Dobbs, former Smith Co. prosecutor

Dobbs says although Clark was only ever charged with Muse’s murder, law enforcement believe he was also involved in the murder of Tracy Mize.

“Somehow Troy Clark has access to his pre-sentence investigation, and he realized Tracy Mize was going to snitch on him about his drug activities, specifically and perhaps about Christina Muse and where her body was," Dobbs said.

Mize’s body was found floating face-down in a septic tank, on the same property as the barrel containing the body of Christina Muse. After years of exhausting all appeals, Clark is set to receive a lethal injection on Wednesday evening in Huntsville.

“I’m sure they’re not happy per se,”Dobbs said. "Because I think there’s no euphoria when someone gets the death penalty. But they’ll probably be, wherever they are, pleased to know that justice was finally done for their daughter. "

Dobbs told KLTV that Clark is also believed to be responsible for another murder in the Houston area.

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