Sandy Hook-inspired program gets underway at Tyler ISD schools

HELLO week encourages connected, inclusive classrooms

Sandy Hook-inspired program gets underway at Tyler ISD schools

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A social initiative that found its roots in a deadly school shooting in Connecticut has kicked off at schools in the Tyler school district.

HELLO stems from the Sandy Hook Promise Program, which was started by a group of parents who got together to help end school violence. HELLO is an acronym, where all of the letters stand for a word, and each word is also a theme for the week.

Monday is the "H" in hello, for saying hi to everyone you see. "E" is for encouraging everyone, the two “L’s” stand for learning the names of other students and looking for people who need you. Lastly, the "O" stands for own it; in other words, make it your job to smile and be friendly.

The "H" also stands for Hi’s and High 5′s, which was the theme Monday, as students were invited to wear a Hawaiian-themed shirt as they said ‘aloha’ to other students. The rest of the letters stand for similar themes in which students are encouraged to get involved with others; particularly, students who they do not know as well as others.

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