"Cheap Eats": 4 deals under $5!

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - These places are more off the beaten track. We begin with an American favorite. The weather couldn't stop us from finding this week's "Cheap Eats", even if we had to drive to the land of the oil derrick.

Charburger stockade in Kilgore was our first stop of the day.

"We have a burger that brings 'em back," said Joe Lynch, owner.

Can't argue with that, especially when a hamburger, fries, and a medium drink only runs you $4.54. Don't forget to load up your burger and grab some free beans. Across town, The Back Porch offered a "Cheap Eats" deal of their own.

"It's a corn tortilla shell, with cheese and meat melted with onions and jalapenos sour cream and hot sauce on the side," said Lindsey Lawrence.

What's the clincher? Hushpuppies and beans on the house. I filled up my drink and checked the damage. A beef chalupa with something to wet your whistle is only $4.43. We were getting warmer so we kept moving.

"Wait a sec," I exclaimed, looking at our next restaurant.

There is another back porch in Winona? It was just a coincidence, no relation to the othe Back Porch. Their deal just kicked off, courtesy of an employee watching last weeks "Cheap Eats."

"We just started [the special] today," said Marlee Harris.

I ordered their mexican plate and had a seat.The best part about the meal was the free chips and hot sauce, but watch out it was pretty hot.

The plate came out with two tamales, beans, rice and a drink for only $4.97, and leave room for dessert, it comes too.

Our last stop was Lynch's Food Store in Tyler. Thanks to a tip, their secrets out of the bag. They make a hearty, filling chopped beef sandwich.

"Make sure you give this to Mark Scirto," said Karen Wade, manager.

"Of course, no problem," I replied. "One dollar and forty cents, not bad."

I grabbed a bag of chips and added a 20 oz. fountain drink to get this weeks "Cheap Eats" winner which topped out at $3.67. It was a deal that tasted as good as it cost. Trust me.

Make sure you give this to Mark Scirto? Ha! OK.

Sorry Mark, maybe next time.

Here are the extra "Cheap Eats":

The Back Porch
904 Broadway Blvd.
Kilgore, Texas
$4.96 choices including tax and a drink:
-Back Porch Burrito
-Large Garden Salad
-Hot Dog
-Grilled Cheese

Charburger Stockade
206 N. Kilgore St.
Kilgore, Texas
$4.70 Large Frito Pie with Fountain Drink