East Texas Recession Survival Guide: Tips to save on prescriptions

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A little bargain hunting can pay off when it come to buying medications.

"These are morning pills here," Charlie Primer points to his medications.

Primer is retired and struggling to keep costs down on his many prescriptions. So he did some homework.

"We save a lot I think by buying it generic and we also know which pharmacies we can get it at cheaper," he explained.

Even if there's no generic for what you're taking, don't rule out savings. A lot of times, there's a similar medication available at a fraction of the cost. So talk to a pharmacist. However, tablet strengths may vary with generics.

"Instead of taking it once a day you might have take it twice a day or three times a day or four times a day," said Jeffrey Abeldt, a pharmacist.

Those $4 plans some chains advertise can be great, but Abeldt warns if your generic is not on that list, you could be getting over charged.

"A lot of antibiotics like say, you go to one of the chains you might pay 70 or 80 dollars for, but if you go to an independent or something like that it may be 20 bucks for the same exact medication," said Abeldt.

Primer finds additional savings by ordering in bigger volume.

"Usually, sometimes, if you buy them in bulk you can get them a little bit cheaper."

So, weigh your options and shop around. There's plenty of East Texas pharmacists who can help.

"It needs to be patient, pharmacist, doctor. We call it the triangle of care," said Abeldt.

That's the most important thing, as drugs can affect each patient differently.

Generic drugs can often cost 20 to 50% less than their brand-name equivalents.