The Butcher, The Baker, and the Candlestick Maker

Royce's Market is a family owned butcher and meat processing store. It's been in North Tyler for the past 46 years.

John Royce, the owner, says he loves his business. But this butcher says when he casts his vote tomorrow, he'll be looking for a politician that will look at medicare issues because he and his wife are getting older. Insurance in general is a big concern. He wants to make sure he can afford to have it.

"When a small business isn't making any money to pay the bills, you can't pay for the insurance," says Royce."That's the main thing."

At the Panderia Neuvo Leon, a Mexican Bakery, sales have been up.

Yesenia Garcia and her family started the bakery after they moved to East Texas from Mexico.

"It was back about 15 years ago," she says. "It was because we did not have a bakery, a Hispanic bakery."

The important issues for her on election day, finding a politician who supports Hispanics. She also says insurance rates are skyrocketing and she'd like them to go down, so her business can survive.

For the past six years, Keith Stringer and his family have been making candles, a booming business. They're factory in Frankston is thriving and they just opened a new factory in Canton.

Suzzette's Candle Factory makes and ships candles all over Texas and across the nation. But even though business is good, Keith has some concerns about insurance too.

"Rate hikes, we need to keep them down, make sure the insurance people stay in Texas, instead of moving outside of Texas," says Stringer.

So if you ask the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, ) the big issue for small business owners is insurance.

But which candidate they think will have the right solution to the problem will be very different on election day.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.