Pitcher Perfect: Making Baseball History

By: Coleman Swierc -

GRAND SALINE, TX (KLTV) - Austin Bolin had it working last Thursday.

"I would hit them with a fast ball."

"Hit them with another."

"Then finish them off with the curveball."

It was a deadly pattern for Bolin, the freshman, was on the verge of history, and had no idea.

"Everyone was putting me in the corner of the dugout, no one would look at me, I was kind of wandering what was going on," said Bolin.

"You could feel the tension in the dugout," recalls Grand Saline Head Coach Brandon Luce,"everyone knew what was going on except for Austin."

What was going on, was baseball history.

Against Malakoff, Bolin went 18 up, and 18 down, not a single batter reaching base.

Bolin had thrown a perfect game.

"Coaches dog-piled me, the whole team, and everything, I figured it out at the end of the game."

Like all perfect games Bolin needed help, and it was senior Lance Kindal who provided it, snagging a sure hit, on a diving play in the hole.

"He ripped one, and I somehow lay out and catch it, for the third out of the inning, that kept the perfect game in tact, so that was pretty crazy," recalls Kindal.

"It was awesome," said Bolin, "I don't think he saw the ball, I did not see the ball, no way."

The diving stop, preserved history, but can Bolin make more history, by doing it again?

"You would like to say that you could go out and do that again," said Luce "but that is a once in a lifetime thing."

"If I started to do it again, I would probably, get nervous again, because then I would know what was coming."