Gift of Love: Audrey and Annie

By Gillian Sheridan - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - We first introduced you to two sisters back in March of 2006. No family stepped up to adopt them, so we shared their story with you again in January of 2007. Now, their journey has come to an end - a happy end.

Audrey and her little sister Annie have spent about five years in foster care. They were eventually placed with Paula and Rex Rice of Gladewater who have been foster parents for 16 years, never considering adoption.

"All three of our biological children are grown," said Paula. "We thought, we've already been parents, we've already raised our kids, that's just not what we are going to do again, but these two little girls were different."

Something about these girls grabbed thier hearts and wouldn't let go.

"God is actually the one who told us we will adopt these girls and when God first told us that we thought, like, no, there's no way, but we know that's what it was."

It was the forever family, Audrey and Annie had always dreamed of.

"They love me," said Audrey smiling.

And they were ready to settle down.

"You don't have to move to another foster home," added Audrey.

It has been a long road for 13-year-old Audrey, and 5-year-old Annie.

"This [case] is special because I've been with them since '04 and it has really touched my heart," said Julie Singleton, with the Bair Foundation, who has been their caseworker since the beginning. "I can't tell you what it makes me feel for them to have a forever family. I've been through a lot with these two girls and I'm just happy."

And finally, so are Audrey and Annie.

"These are daddy's little girls, both of them," said Paula.  "I mean, they both love him and he loves them."

These sisters have blossomed since finding that security and stability that can only come with the Gift of Love.

"I'm just glad that God chose us to be the ones to do that," said Paula. "Because God could have chosen anyone, but we were the ones who got to be selected to be there forever parents and I was glad he did."

If you'd like more information on East Texas children available for adoption, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.