UPDATE: Suspect identified in chase on I-20

Michael Travis Mills
Michael Travis Mills

By Michael Thompson - email

SMITH COUNTY (KLTV) - A chase on I-20 near Highway 155 landed an East Texan in jail.

Michael Travis Mills of Tyler was arrested after leading officials on a chase on both sides of I-20 Wednesday morning.

The chase began when a Lindale police officer and Smith County constable identified a stolen car and began tailing the suspect near Highway 69 on I-20.

The stolen car took off, heading east on I-20 until it encountered a road block authorities had set up just east of Highway 155. The driver turned around and headed into on-coming traffic up the service road, crossing I-20 on 155, and headed back west on the interstate. Moments later, authorities were able to bump the car, sending him into a spin and ending the chase.

No was injured.