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4 tips to hear, "You're hired."

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - 12.5 million. That's the current number of Americans out of a job which means millions are back on the hunt and with a volatile economy you never know when you could be joining in the game as well.

With current layoffs hitting East Texans, we break down what you need to know so a future employer will say, "you're hired."

"We see a lot of people out of jobs who didn't expect themselves to be out of jobs," said Brenda Balch a manager of Snelling Professional Services, an employment agency.

Balch said East Texans who've had one job for years are now having to think outside the box.

"For people that are being laid off now at CBDI or from Tyler Pipe, you know we don't have another pipe manufacturer in town so people are gonna have to look and say but I'm a machine operator, or I'm a welder or I'm a forklift driver and move that skill to another application," explained Balch.

"If you're spending time filling out pages of applications and are out of a job for the first time in years you need to know the job hunting game has changed.>

Online job search web sites like Monster and Careerbuilder.com give job seekers the chance to apply for hundreds of job openings in just as many categories. Big businesses like Lowe's offer the convenience of an online application, just don't plan on having some free time to fill it out. It will take a while, but despite technological advances some things never change.

"You can go into McDonalds and sit down and sit down at a kiosk and do a job application but it still doesn't replace the face to face with the actual employer," said Balch.

In an interview, you get thirty seconds. Hiring managers say first impressions are crucial so make it count which includes an old standby, appearance. Dress better than you would if you worked there and if the dress code is casual, take it up a notch.

Headhunters also say to do your homework, quick online research will prepare you for interview success.

Finally, ask questions. It shows the interviewer you're interested and gives you some background info. I

If you need help in your job hunt you have the rest of this evening (Tuesday) to go to any Fed-ex Kinkos print store and get 25 copies of your resume printed for free. The offer is good only through this evening.

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