UPDATE: Coach resigns amid allegations of improper relationship with student

UPDATE: According to Superintendent Dr. Ray DeSpain,  Paul Dixon was with Alto School for 10 years before he resigned , he was an elementary school P.E. coach and teacher.

Dixons dad, John Paul Dixon has been with the Alto school district the past 23 years at the high school, he is on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation by police.

No charges have been filed.

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - Alto coach Paul Dixon has resigned amid allegations of having an improper relationship with a female high school student.  And, head baseball coach John Dixon has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal school investigation that he allegedly interfered with the investigation into his son.

According to Alto police chief Charles Barron, about a week ago, Alto ISD superintendent Dr. Ray DeSpain reported a possible case of a coach having an improper relationship with a student which resulted in the coach, John Dixon, being placed on administrative leave.  KTRE spoke with Dr. DeSpain by telephone and he said he could not give specifics of the investigation, however, he did confirm that one coach had resigned and the other had been placed on administrative leave.

KTRE spoke with the attorney for Alto ISD, Wayne Haglund, who said the school district is cooperating fully with law enforcement.  He said the superintendent reported the allegations to police and to Child Protective Services within the required 48 hour reporting period.  According to Haglund, the investigation focuses on reported improper communication between an educator and student.  He said Paul Dixon resigned last Thursday.  His resignation was accepted by the superintendent and ratified by the school board.

His father, John Dixon, was placed on administrative leave in order to protect the integrity of the investigation, according to Haglund.  Haglund said the school is looking into reports that John Dixon was becoming too close and involved in the investigation into his son.  He said John Dixon is not suspected of any wrongdoing in terms of the improper relationship with a student allegations.  He will remain on paid administrative leave until both investigations are complete.

Haglund said actions taken thus far help fulfill the school district's responsibility to protect the professional standing and reputation of its employees, and its obligation to protect students.  Alto police are investigating and said they would turn over the results of their investigation to the Cherokee County district attorney's office to be considered by a county grand jury.