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Freebies and cheapies; tips to save you money

By Rhonda Weidner
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Right now, even people who have money are looking for ways to save money and people are sharing their tips on saving through coupons, store rewards and rebates.

Went out to find some of these savy shoppers and get the tips to keep money in your pocket. (nat sound...mission impossible theme song...:05 leave sound under 1st cart) i spotted debbie waltman the second she walked in the door. She was armed with secret weapons...a coupon filled binder, rebate books, store ads and a look that says this mission is possible. 529-535 hey there...i couldn't help but notice that i finally found someone who could rival me for the title "coupon queen" "oh, yes." 546-552 all coupon shopping today? "yes, i don't buy unless it's on sale or, i have a really good coupon or, i combine them. "(debbie waltman) debbie says she never pays more than a quarter for a tube of toothpaste. 729-735 "i have a 75-cent coupon. (debbie waltman) it costs me 25 cents. I get two dollars back." this woman is smart. The two dollars debbie mentioned is a register reward from a prior purchase and she's about to earn ten more bucks buying sale items in bulk. 1113-1123 "you buy eight unilever products.(debbie waltman)  ragu and skippy are both unilever products...and i have coupons for each one." so, instead of paying 24-dollars, debbie pays less than ten dollars for the lot. Last pasta sale...debbie had 25 coupons. 2337-2341 "pasta sauce and peanut butter go a long way with six kids."(debbie waltman) how about tissue for all those runny noses? 2236-2241 "ah, 89 cents, minus 25 what i would pay." (debbie waltman) 64-cents instead of the regular 1.69...generics go a long way too...price compare. Same size, same ingredients...7..99 for name brand or, two generics for 4.99? "daley; right product, right season, right price."(debbie waltman) store manager michael daley says seasonal sales are some of the best sales...during football season look for snack and drink promotions. 3556 "you buy six for twenty and get ten bucks back...six for ten." (debbie waltman) but when a store wants to give you something....take it. 4247-4250 "get this...i'm going to get this for free...and this for free..(debbie waltman) .75 dollars worth of free" i send in rebates every does debbie. At this store, if you ask for a gift card instead of a check, you get back ten percent more. You can actually end up making money. Don't forget about those register rewards....right, debbie? 3303-3305 "i've got thirty dollars to come back and spend later."(debbie waltman) now when it comes to saving money through rebates.... Its important to fill out the rebate paperwork, it only takes a few minutes and in many cases you can file online. If that's the case you can often track your rebates online and by phone.

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