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11/02/02 - Henderson County

Bikers Ride For Kids, Toys, Fun

Henderson County highways were crowded today, but for a good cause. Over fifty motorcycles hit the road, as the combined bikers of the county held their third annual Toy Run.

The event raises money and toys to give to needy children at Christmas. Over a hundred bikers turned out for the cause, including bikers from four different organizations. They rode to raise money and toys for kids in Henderson County, trying to make sure the children are taken care of for Christmas.

Biker T.J. Benefield explained, "We think no child should wake up Christmas morning without Christmas. Even if it's just one present, they deserve something."

"The Lord blessed me that I'm able to keep my own," rider Mac McCoy said, "So I help keep others."

Barry Brown of the Shalom Riders said, "All we want is every child in the county to have a merry Christmas. That's our main goal."

Even with the negative stereotype of bikers, these riders wanted to show everyone that today was all about the kids.

"The people are learning slowly but surely," Benefield aid, "We're not out here to hurt nobody, we just want to help our community. This is where we live, we pay our taxes, raise our families, and that's when we decided there years ago that we were going to make it work one way or the other.

These bikers want you to know in spite of the stereotype, they're all nice people at heart.

Biker Chaplain Jay Townson said, "I just want them to know and think about us, that we do have hearts. It's for the children. Don't never judge a book by it's cover."

So if you saw the train of bikes stretching across the county on Saturday, don't be alarmed. There were some very big hearts under those leather jackets.

Reid Kerr reporting.

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