Veteran Airman returns to Longview

Longview, TX (KLTV)  Doing the very dangerous work of transporting supplies and ammunition to troops overseas, an East Texas airman is back home to a big welcome from his family. As Air Force Staff Sergeant Alfred Springer V stepped off the plane at East Texas regional airport, the welcome spoke for itself.

"Oh it is such a wonderful feeling to have him home. We've missed him so very much. We know he's been doing a very important job," says Springer's mother, Paulette Springer.

"Surprised and elated.... It moved me a little to see so many people here to support me. I was happy to look out the window and see pine trees again," says the staff sergeant.

For two tours, he's been a load-master on an Air Force C-17, doing the dangerous job of transporting supplies, munitions and manpower to Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Essentially we're the people movers. We're the ones that deliver the metal where it needs to go and deliver the bombs where they'll be used appropriately," he says.

His job makes him a prime target.

"Any of our assets out there are targets, we're critical for troop movement" Springer says.

"He's always in our thoughts and we're proud of you son" says his father, Al Springer the 4th.

Like many troops, Springer says he has a lot more on the line than a stimulus package or a political opinion.  And he's thankful that their efforts are appreciated.

"We're there till we can get the job done. Maintain our way of life over here so we can keep away those guys that would like to take that away from us," Springer says.

Springer is home on two weeks leave before returning to his load-master duties.