Shop in Pittsburg, get a shot at $100

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Pittsburg mayor, Shawn Kennington has come up with an creative an idea that could put money in your pocket and the city. Some receipts are tossed, torn up, and just plain faded.

"We're doing Mayor's Cash," said Kennington. "It's something that we thought would help promote buying Pittsburg shops first."

For the month of March, anyone who brings in a $10 or more receipt from a business located in Pittsburg's city limits will be entered in a chance to win $100.

"Anybody can use that money," exclaimed Holly McGraw, with Pittsburg Floral & Weddings. "Baby, bring me a $100. I will use it and if I don't, I have a 14-year-old child that will use it."

"Just think Pittsburg and shop Pittsburg before you go to somewhere else," said Kennington.

And that's just what Pittsburg business like, Granny's Eats and Sweets likes most.

"I've owned this business for a year and it has prospered," Yvonne Penn. "Its done wonderful but if local people would support their local businesses we would all prosper from it."

"We're a bunch of friendly people here," said Shelia Clemens of Pittsburg. "There's a little shop where the old drugstore used to be that has great ice creams pies, and ohhhh sandwiches and soups!"

A delicious sounding lure from the town of Pittsburg.

"Come on down to Pittsburg..we're friendly and a great place to look around!"

Mayor's Cash just kicked off so all you Pittsburg shoppers have until March 30th to turn in your local receipts for a chance at $100.