"He was covered in feces..."

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

CHANDLER, TX (KLTV) - When East Texas authorities tried to serve an arrest warrant they made a terrible discovery. A disabled man was locked in a feces covered room.

Lea Marshal Johnson is in the Henderson County jail charged with injury to a disabled individual. Authorities say the disabled man is Johnson's brother.

"The smell was atrocious," said Chandler's Assistant Police Chief James Lehman.

He arrived at the home of Roy and Lea Johnson to serve a felony warrant for illegal dumping. Searching the residence, he didn't find the couple.

"As we reached the end of the hall, I noticed at the top of the door it was a bedroom there was a latch," said Lehman. "The latch was to lock someone in or something in."

What he found was far worse. They found a man locked in a rear bedroom.

"He was partly covered with a blanket and he had an adult diaper on," said Lehman. "He was covered in feces and the room was also covered in feces."

The couple's daughter, 18-year-old Alyssia Johnson is charged with injury to a disabled individual, and her 19-year-old boyfriend Curtis Durham, is charged with failure to report a felony.

"She thought she was in the right," said Durham. "[I] couldn't believe that her parents would do her like that."

Durham says Alyssa's parents are to blame by leaving their daughter to care for her disabled uncle. They were fleeing police who gave Roy Johnson a day to turn himself in for illegal dumping.

"Alyssa is not the guilty party," said her boyfriend. "She just happened to be there at the wrong time."

Henderson County Sheriff Ray Nutt says it doesn't matter.

"She was charged because she was in custody of him at that time," said Nutt.

Charged because of her uncle's condition.

"When they let him out of the room first thing he did was run to the refrigerator and grab a frozen TV dinner and tried to eat through the package to get to it," said the sheriff.

Durham claims authorities knew the man's condition and did nothing.

"She's called APS," said her boyfriend. "She's turned these people in. All these neighbors have, but APS has came out and deemed this place ok."

But from what authorities found, it was anything but.

"You wouldn't have wanted an animal in that room," said Lehman.

The disabled man was treated at an East Texas hospital and is under the care of adult protective services.