Saturn owners wonder what now

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Another East Texas car dealership has closed down. Last night, closed signs went up at the Saturn Dealership in Tyler, leaving many Saturn owners wondering what's going to happen, especially, who is going to handle their warranties.

It is yet another victim of the recession. A Saturn spokesperson says it's the best move for the owner, to close-up shop in Tyler and operate out of the Lake Charles dealership, but East Texas customers want answers.

"Some type of guidance letting us know what we need to do when it comes to maintenance and all," said Deborah Walker. "That would be my concern is maintenance and who's going to pick up the warranty."

Hall Buick Pontiac GMC says they've had lots of Saturn customers come to them for service.

"Any new Saturn warranty work can be done by any GM dealer," said Monte. "They call it a cross-line warranty, however that's only in the event of an emergency or safety issue that is really determined by the customer."

They welcome customers to call, as any GM dealer will help. Otherwise, the closest Saturn dealerships are in Mesquite and Shreveport.

"It's unfortunate, you don't want to see any businesses in Tyler close and it's some tough times right now," said Hall.

"It's unfortunate for the Saturn dealer when you think about it," said Walker. "Am I angry? No, I'm not angry it's just one of those things."

Saturn tells us its line of cars will continue. Like everyone else, Deborah Walker, just hopes we can get out of this slump soon.

"The car industry drives so many businesses you know people have jobs because of the car industry," said Walker.

Saturn says affected customers will be getting a letter explaining everything soon.