"Cheap Eats": The saga continues

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS, TX (KLTV) - We hit the road early for this "Cheap Eats" because we were starving! A tip on a suspicious new special sent us south to Ra-K's Meat Market and Deli in Bullard. When asked about the new deal, owner Ray Kirgan confessed.

"Actually we just started when we saw you guys' special on 'Cheap Eats.'"

Good to hear, but we wanted to check out the food. Ray brought two choices, a BBQ chopped beef sandwich and a new and improved take on a grilled cheese.

"American cheese and provolone cheese, all on Texas toast," said Kirgan.

I threw in some chips and a drink and give the man a fiver. No change back, but it was worth it.

Next, we headed to Tyler, where a historical pizza joint lets their taste do the talking.

"Homemade dough, homemade sauce and real mozzarella," the pizza shop's owner described their masterpieces.

Dino's Pizza and Cappuccino has not one, two, but three "Cheap Eat's" combo's. Starving, we opted for number one, a slice of pizza, a big side salad, and a 20 oz. drink for five dollars. Not as hungry? For $3.24 you'll still get one slice and a drink.

Our next stop was Brookshire's in Whitehouse. Their sandwich of the week was a hearty club that is made to order. The sandwich, a bag chips and a cold drink adds up to $4.32, close but we can beat it.

Over the river and through the woods to Mamaw's Fried Pies we went. In Whitehouse, hungry customers find pies a plenty. With 22 types to choose from, it's a good thing a sample tray helps you find your favorite.

"We put a lot of trust in the crust," said Nell, one of Mamaw's two owners. "We start from scratch everything's made fresh daily."

"We put a lot of love into it and our crust is wonderful and all our filling and fruits and meats," said Nell's twin sister and business partner, Sandra.

Mamaw, or I guess it's Mamaws, wins this week's "Cheap Eats" award. A fried pie and a Coke is just $4.21. When it comes to which pie is best...well, that's a good question.

Here are our bonus "Cheap Eats:"

Dino's Pizza, Tyler:
1 slice of pizza and 16 oz. drink   - $ 3.24 w/tax
2 slices of pizza and 20 oz. drink - $ 4.62 w/tax
~Try out their cappuccino!
16 oz. for just $1.85

Ra-K's Meat Market and Deli, Bullard:
Chopped Beef Sandwich, Chips & Can Drink - $5.00

Texas Express, Tatum:
1/3 lb. hamburger w/ side order & a drink - $4.63