East Texas attorneys face toughest trial

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Their relationship is unlike that most other colleagues.

"We've gotten to know each other through working against each other and have become friendly," said Keith Langston, a Dangerfield attorney.

"I would consider us friends, but that's just the kind person he is," said Scott Skelton, a Lufkin attorney.

Three years ago, Scott's lab results revealed he had an autoimmune disease that causes total kidney faliure. That is when he started taking medication.

"The medication was no longer working and his only options were a transplant or dialysis," said Keith.

"I was hoping, when this all started, we would manage it for life [and] it would not be something that would lead to a transplant," said Scott.

Since he was 18, Keith has been a organ donor and when he found out Scott needed a kidney transplant. He had one giving thought.

"[It will take] maybe a week out of my life as far as time goes," said Keith. "I can make the rest of Scott's life a lot better."

"I think his response was, 'Are you serious?', to which I responded, 'Yes, I'm very serious,'" said Keith. "He was very thankful, he was very grateful and I was grateful to get to do it.

In Feburary, Keith and Scott underwent the procedure for the kidney transplant in a Dallas hopsital, and there procedure was a success.

Because of the kidney transplant, these two East Texas attorney's are determined to spread the importance of organ donation. Scott has even set up a blog about his difficult journey to inspire others. Now they are two opposing East Texas attorney's, forever connected by an unselfish gift.

"He looks better, he feels better and my hope for him is that he can live a healthy normal life for a longtime," said Keith.

"God provides," said Scott. "That's really the truth of the matter.

He was released from the hospital, Tuesday but is still recovering in Dallas. For more information on the donor recipient program just go to the Big Red Box on the home page and look for "Organ donors."