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Trick-or-Treaters Quizzed

It's been said Halloween is a kids' holiday, but do kids know how the holiday began?

Channel Seven took that question to the experts and interviewed a group of kidnergartners at Pollard United Methodist Church. The church's kids held a special costume parade early in Thursday morning.

Few of the kids knew how Halloween began, but they all had definite opinions on their favorite candy.

Davis Hodgee, dressed as Harry Potter, says there's one man in his neighborhood that always delivers.

"Sometimes he gives bubble gum which I love, and sometimes he gives candy corn, that's my favorite," said Davis.

Claudia McMillan had a slightly different opinion, her favorite candy is jawbreakers. And most of the kids called chocolate a favorite.

For the record, researchers say Halloween dates back to 5th century B.C. The Celtics marked the change from summer to winter by celebrating Hollows Eve. On October 31, they dressed up in costumes to ward off the spirits of those who died the same year.

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