Lazy boy for the working gal

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A special chair was created after numerous studies of women's posture, but do women really sit all that differently from men?

At Edge Office Store they have a huge selection of office chairs.

"And it goes back and it goes down," Stan Roye demonstrated how to work one of the office chairs.

But we are interested in one chair in particular that is the latest craze. The Lei ladies chair is aimed specifically for women. Its designers say that females sit differently than males.

"Most women tend to sit up," said Jennifer Bond, a Network IP receptionist. "We're more posture conscious I guess you could say. I know for me personally, I kind of sit on the edge of the seat."

Being a receptionist, Jennifer Bond sits at her job constantly.

"It's a real pain to have to mess with a back pillow and a chair at the same time," explained Bond. "So, something that has some better arch support would be great."

Is there really a difference between the way women and men sit, in the workplace?

"I'm pretty sure women do sit differently," said Adam Andrews, a  technician. "You notice that it's always guys that are talking about their backs are hurting. You never here a woman complaining about her back hurting," laughed Andrews.

"Me being the only woman in my area at work, I do notice that I sit differently from the men," said technician Maria Davenport. "Our backsides are not always comfortable, so there's never enough cushion for that area!"

"For men, [they] tend to scoot back a little bit and it's a whole lot of difference compared to the way both of them actually sit." said Alex Muigai, Specialist Network IP.

Regardless of how both sexes sit, there is one thing they agree on.

"It's a long day at work, you have to stay comfortable," said Andrews.

Office Line is putting the Lei women's chair into production later this year.