They returned to the scene to find the unimaginable

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) -  It was a rough start to the week at Whitehouse high school.

"Very difficult tragedy we're trying to cope with and our kids are trying to cope with," said Richard Peacock with Whitehouse ISD.

Around one Saturday morning, Geffrey Parcell, a freshman at Whitehouse, was hit and killed by a fellow student. DPS said the 16-year-old driver, may have fallen asleep at the wheel.

"He thought that he had hit something but didn't know exactly what it was," said Jeanne Dark with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

They said he continued home after the accident, but returned to the scene to find the unimaginable.

"It is very tragic when you have two young lives or one young life that's been snuffed out," said Peacock.

The accident happened on highway 110 just south of Whitehouse. Parcell's family was not up to talking on camera but his dad said that Geffrey was grounded and had snuck out of the house that night to meet a friend.

The driver is a varsity baseball player at Whitehouse and had played a game the night of the accident. Parcell was new to Whitehouse and had only attended school there about a year.

"Don't know how many kids knew him or knew of him but he was one of our students and any time this happens to one of our students we feel like it's a loss to our family and we're very saddened by it and offer our condolences to his family of Geff and we just want his family to know we're very saddened by what happened," said Peacock.

Parcell's family told us they hold no blame or grudge against the driver and called it a tragic accident; one that now two families will have to deal with the rest of their lives.

DPS said it is possible, charges could be brought against the 16-year-old, but so far, none have been filed, and for that reason, we are holding off on revealing his identity. DPS said they want to make sure they answer all questions that any family members from either side may have.