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10/30/02 - Tyler

Man Badly Hurt at Tyler Pipe

   The family of 43 year old Guadalupe Garcia says his legs were crushed by a truck at the plant Tuesday night. As doctors worked to keep him alive... those who love him, and some who didn't even know him gave blood. But, the crisis is two fold... Guadalupe's fight to live... and a critical shortage of blood.

   Leonel Zuniga, Garcia's nephew, went to the hospital to visit Guadalupe: "[The family had been] seeing him, then [doctors] told us, he needs more rest, but I saw all his family up there, and we're all showing our support up there, and we're all showing our support up there."

   The family choked back tears as he clinged to life. Having gone through 50 units of blood by early afternoon... his injuries were massive. An investigation has started. And as doctors worked Tuesday, co-workers joined his family to give blood.

   Irma Garcia, the victim's sister-in-law, "I appreciate it, all the people that do that for him."

   Carlton Washington works at Tyler Pipe: "Our supervisor came around and told us that they were going to let us leave early today to come and give blood

   All that blood is expensive, and Stewart Blood Center was in short supply to begin with.

   Michelle Cassel is with Stewart: "That's a lot of blood, a lot of blood products, and we don't see that many people in here every day, so to us it's a tremendous loss."

   Fifty units just for one case... that's when around 20 people donate on an average day.

   Cassel: "We've been importing blood from Dallas, importing blood from Florida, Alaska again, and California."

   Many of his co-workers know Guadalupe from his nearly 25 years on the job. They along with the family hope that what they do now makes a difference.

   Leonel: "All we can do now is pray to God that he'll be better."

   Morgan Palmer reporting.

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