Will the Hottest Toys be on the Shelves for Christmas

The top ten Christmas toys may not be the easiest thing to shop for this year. A Grinch in the form of a West Coast dock strike is causing a not so merry merchandise shortage.

"Our toy department is already set for the holidays," says Larry Edwards, Target manager. "At this point, it's just the replenishment issue keeping them in stock. What they are going to look like a week from now if stock doesn't start coming in, who knows."

That's why retailers expect 2002's hot picks for your son or daughter to fly off the shelves early. Rapunzel Barbie is the projected number one best seller, but nine other Toyland treasures make Playdate's yearly list.

Mackenzie loves Dora the explorer, "She is beautiful, she's a beautiful girl."  Her mother, Jill usually waits until after Thanksgiving to take on the toy list, but not in a year when she's faced with a possible toy shortage.

"I know she likes all these so I will probably start a little earlier than usual," says Jill Baird.

If you're looking for trends in Toyland this Christmas, look to interactive education toys, making the top 10 list is LeapPad learning system.

"My little one likes Spiderman," says Ann Frazier. "He likes that glove that shoots out the string."

Parents in the market for Bratz, Disney's Toddler Princess, a Harry Potter play-set, Rescue Heroes, Star Wars light sabers and anything Yu-Gi-oh might also want to buy now so a strike doesn't make for a bah-hum-bug holiday.

Dana Dixon, reporting