Quietly Perfect: Lindale Soccer

By: Coleman Swierc - email

Lindale, Texas (KLTV) - Lindale Head Coach Jason Lawless didn't even hesitate when asked why his Eagles are doing so well.

"We have gained confidence as we keep playing, and my guys are real confident right now."

Hard to think otherwise, a perfect 18-0 record has the Eagles, flying high.

"Everyone is giving us credit about this and that, saying that we are cocky, we are not cocky, we are just doing good, and we are going to keep going and win state," said senior Jordan Norris, who leads Lindale in scoring.

But it's not about being cocky, it's about not letting anyone score....ever.

"We have held several teams to just one or two shots a game," said Lawless,
Jarad [the goalkeeper]  hates to be scored on, and so does our defense, and they live on that."

Apparently Eagles live on shutouts, Lindale has not been scored on, in over a month.

Maybe it's because of the twins, both sets of twins.

"Most of the time I just say "hey twin" and they turn around," joked Lawless, about both the Shipman and Lawson twins, all four of which are starters.

"It is different, you have to try and figure out who they are, and everyone is trying to tell us apart, and now we have to tell them apart," said Enoch and Elijah Shipman.

Don't count on them telling you, goalkeeper Jarad Lawson and brother Ryne, aren't exactly the speaking type.

"I never hear them talk at all," said Norris.

After several minutes of asking questions, eventually I got it one past them, unlike their opponents,

"We did not expect to be undefeated still, our main goals were to win district, and to hopefully go to state, so it is a bonus," said both Jarad and Ryne Lawson.

When it comes down to, I guess these actions do speak louder than words.