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Students say full throttle classes are the college fast track

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Kilgore college is offering what they call "full throttle" classes, and some students are earning up to 12 credit hours in weeks, not months.

Kilgore College Longview has nearly a 170 students enrolled in full throttle classes. Nursing major, Erica Gray is one of those students and is taking Grammar Composition, hoping to enter the workforce fast.

"Right now, the work load is OK, but as far as I know it's supposed to get really heavy, like writing everyday, assignments everyday because we're moving so fast," said Gray.

Adjunct English Professor, Blake Harris said the harsh economy means more people are ready to head back to college.

"Job security isn't what it used to be and so a lot of people are coming back to say, 'well, I worked at a assembly plant for two years and now I need to do something different,'" said Blake Harris, an English instructor.

Kilgore College Longview, executive dean, Dr. Julie Fowler agreed.

"Our tuition prices are reasonable and of course it saves students money and hopefully time," said Dr. Julie Fowler.

Tyler Foster is a secondary education major, and he said even though the classes are full, the pace it's worth it.

"I think it opens your mind to a different way of learning and it helps students who like to be on a fast track," said Tyler Foster, a secondary education major.

"You may only read one chapter a week in a sixteen week course, where these guys in ten week classes have to read three or four chapters," said Harris.

A fast paced track for college students, that will hopefully lead them to a fast track in their careers.

Kilgore College said their full throttle course credits are transferable to any public Texas University.

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