A little boy and his lemonade stand, all for a good cause

By Taylor Hemness - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

WINNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - He's a father of three, and the owner of KMOO radio in Mineola. He is also fighting an expensive battle against brain tumors. Jason Hightower, 37, started getting blurry vision five years ago. A trip to the eye doctor lead to an MRI, and surgeries that appeared to be successful, but a few months ago, that all changed.

"Thanksgiving of this last year, the tumors came back very aggressively, and first of December he had surgery to get all the tumors out to make sure they didn't cross the lobes," said Ken Ragsdale, one of Jason's co-workers.

Now, Jason's friends and family have organized several events to help with his medical expenses. The first fundraiser had pretty basic ingredients: a little boy and some lemonade.

"Powder," said Cason Ragsdale. "Powder and water. I never knew we'd get this many!"

It is a pretty simple recipe, but it drew dozens to this Winnsboro parking lot.

"You know you've only been in business 40 minutes," a lemonade drinker said to Cason. "You've got a long time to go."

"I've only got 3 hours and 15 minutes, and I've already got like a thousand dollars," replied Cason.

Originally, he wanted to make the lemonade stand for his church, but when he found out his friend's dad needed help, his plan changed.

"There are too many people to count, or at least to name," said Cason. "There're too many."

He was not kidding. Car after car pulled up to donate. Some, donating without worrying about the lemonade.

In just over four hours and with about ten gallons of lemonade, Cason raised almost $3800 for Jason Hightower. So, if Cason helps out on the fundraiser, he should probably be in charge of the money.

If you didn't get a chance to get a glass of lemonade, there will be a live auction, silent auction, a stew, and bake sale Monday night at the Mineola Civic Center.