The Diner's East Texas Skillet Breakfast

The perfect combination to get your family out of bed this weekend.


- 6 ounces of diced potatoes

- 1 tbsp chopped onion

- 1 tbspn chopped bell peper

- 3 pieces of bacon

- 3 pieces of sausage

- 2 eggs

- Any type of breakfast bread (toast, bagel, english muffin)


1. Place one 6 ounce serving of cooked, diced potatoes into a non stick skillet.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of chopped onion and 1 tablespoon of chopped bell pepper

3. Sautee potatoes, onion, and bell pepper until tender

4. Add 3 pieces of bacon chopped and 3 pieces of sausage diced.

5. Heat above mixture until all are cooked well

6. Cook 2 eggs to order

7. Place potatoes and meat into your favorite deep dish

8. Cover potatoes and meat with 4 oz. of cream gravy

9. Place the 2 eggs on top of this mixture.

10. Serve with your favorite breakfast bread.