What diets can you really count on to lose weight?

By Taylor Hemness themness@kltv.com

Atkins, South Beach. the 4-Day Diet, everyone with a successful weight loss story has their own method. Including our own Grant Dade. He lost 40 pounds since late July on the Atkins Diet.

Grant told KLTV "I'm not hungry! I eat a lot, and I eat what I want, but it's got to be meat, a lot of fish, and I eat a lot of salads."

And a new study says that's fine.  Whatever you do, if you lower your calories in the process, your weight will drop. For two years, more than 800 people were put on four different diets that combined low carb, low fat, and high protein. The only similarity was that each person dropped about 750 calories a day.

And the plan works no matter your size. Deb Taylor, a registered nurse, lost 170 pounds, largely by counting calories, and she says it was easier than she thought it'd be.

Deb tells us, "When you count calories, you kind of gravitate towards picking healthier foods, because you can actually get larger portions of healthy food, than if you go for the pre-packaged, processed, or fast food."

Calorie counting even finds its way into the gym, because the weights and cardio don't work if you're not following through at meal time.

The good news is that this study is not just about what to cut. It also means that you can eat things that certain diets won't allow. As long as you don't go overboard.

Registered nurse Maxine Caldwell says, "When I decide that I want black walnut ice cream, I'm going to eat about a fourth to a half a cup of ice cream, and that's that. But, I'm going to sit down and enjoy it till it's gone, and then that's that."