Brook Hill and T.K. Gorman looking for championship firsts this week

By: Coleman Swierc - email

Redemtion is on the mind at Brook Hill.

"Last year it felt pretty bad, to just go there and get beat, in the first game, so it would be nice to come away with it," said Brook Hill senior Mason Spradlin.

Junior Courtney Thomas echoed those sentiments, "We have new players and a new coach, and we just want to come out and give it our best."

The new coach is longtime coach Wally Dawkins, who after 30 years, will make his first state tournament apperance.

"It is kind of a humorous thing, taking that long to make the state tournament," said Dawkins, "I have been real fortunate to be here, I have loved it here, and I hope that we can have some more here."

His players want more, but for now, they want one for Wally.

"It wil be a good motivation," said Thomas, "Every body here loves coach and we want to get him his first one."

But the Brook Hill boys aren't the only private school looking to make some noise at the state tournament, at T.K. Gorman, the Lady Crusaders will make their first ever trip to the state tournament.

Junior Abbie Jorgenson expressed what what every player was thinking, "The whole team is very excited to such an experience like this, and a really great opportunity."

The opportunity is here, Gorman Head Coach Larry Hargett said it would.

"The first day that I saw them," said Hargett, "I programmed them that our goal was to win state."

"We were not really ready for that, but as the year has gone on, it has really become, a probable goal that we can really accomplish," said Jorgenson.

To do so, Gorman must knock off Houston Westbury, the top rated TAPPS team.

"I think it will be kind of can it not be?"

Both Brook Hill and Gorman will tip off on Friday looking for first championships, one for Wally, and one for an entire team.