"Go green", from top to bottom, literally

By Bob Hallmark - bio - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - "Greenpeace" has released a guide to help consumers buy "recycled toilet paper" among other things. But, are East Texans willing to tough it out with rougher paper? It seems to be a delicate issue.

The Greenpeace argument is that whole forests are being cut down to help Americans wipe their backsides. So the question is, to save trees, will we be harder on backsides? I mean are we ready for recycled toilet paper?

"Never crossed my mind," said Don Cunningham, a butcher.

Some were a bit confused about what recycled toilet paper is.

"How in the world do they get the toilet paper to recycle when its done gone down the toilet," asked Cunningham. "I thought it meant you just used old toilet paper and cleaned it up a little bit. I think it sounds kind of gross."

It's recycled paper, used in toilet paper. The greenpeace guide lists rated brands and their percentage of recycled material, but is there really a difference?

"I've never heard of recycled toilet paper," said Traci Smith.

"Do you use recycled toilet paper," I asked.

"Are you serious? Get out," exclaimed Smith.

What if you had no choice?

"Maybe if I had to if we really needed it," said Desiree Modisette.

"If I had to I guess I could," said Cunningham. "[I] would not like to." said Cunningham.

But others...

"I wouldn't want to use it on my skin it doesn't feel good to the touch," said Journi Perkins who supports recycling.

"Probably not," said Alyssa Mctee Kilgore college student "I'd probably stick with the regular kind the soft one."

Most people we talked with said there's a lot more to worry about than recycled toilet paper, so you should just pick one and stick with it, uh, stay with it.

We have a link to the recycled toilet paper guide. Just go to our home page and click on the Big Red Box. Then find the story "Recycled toilet paper."