News reporter gets spicy!

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - What kind of a person takes on the Buffalo Wild Wing's challenge to eat 12 wings covered in their hottest sauce all in under 6 minutes without taking a drink to cool off their mouth?

Someone who is brave and daring, you may say...or just plain stupid? Whatever words you may use to describe this person, an entire wall at Buffalo Wild Wings is dedicated to those who have braved the challange, putting their lips and taste buds on the line.

KLTV reporter Morgan Chesky decided he wanted his picture on the wall, too.

"Why," you may ask.

"Why do people climb Mt. Everest," Morgan asked. "Because it's there."

OK it sounded like a good answer to me, but not good enough to convince me to take on the challenge.

The waitress plopped the firey hot wings down in front of him and started the count down. It was 10 seconds to heaven...or hell?

"Go," she exclaimed, and the feeding frenzy began.

By the time a minute had gone by, Morgan had torn through six of the twelve wings. His comrades cheered for him, yelling words of encouragement, like, "Is it really that hot," and "Why is he doing this?"

As he bit into his tenth wing his friend exclaimed, "Is that a tear?!"

Yes, dear readers, it was a tear. The heat had gotten to him, but Morgan didn't stop. He finished the firey wings in 3 minutes and 21 seconds and then downed the last of his drink.

His friends cheered and high fived! What an accomplishment! An accomplishment that takes a special kind of person to acheive.

Tyler's Buffalo Wild Wings holds the record in the Wings Challange at 55 seconds.