Art Linkletter Visits Mt. Pleasant

In the 1950's the name Art Linkletter was synonymous with good clean family television.

That's still true even today with the return of one of his hit shows, "Kids Say The Darndest Things".

Art Linkletter was in East Texas last night speaking to students at Northeast Texas Community College.

Mr. Linkletter says being successful is making a career in what you are passionate about.

"See I'm 90 and I'm still skiing, surfing, traveling, lecturing and writing and running businesses," says Art Linkletter.

For more than sixty years Art Linkletter has entertained and inspired us.

Ironically that's not at all what he intended to do.

"Started out to be a school teacher, graduated from San Diego State College in 1934. And the last thing I did to be graduated was to get a temporary job at a radio station. Never gave it a throught. My whole life changed."

Art Linkletter's career in television began with the show, "People Are Funny" followed by the long running, "House Party" and of course "Kids Say The Darndest Things."

"And of course they told me things about their family which caused many, many families to move away and relocate under other names. I asked a little girl. I said do you say grace with your family when you sit down for dinner? She said no we don't need to my mother's a good cook. So they don't need to pray before they eat," remembers Linkletter.

Over the years, Linkletter has written 27 books and received 14-honorary doctorate degrees.

He says he accomplished so much in his career because he found the key to success,"Find a passion. Find what you love to do. Don't pick what you're gonna do in your life because of money or fame or power. Do it because it's what you wanna do."

But his greatest accomplishment, says this great grandfather of 15, is his family.

-Amy Tatum reporting