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A Better East Texas: Check Your Credit Report

President Obama has offered a relief plan that he hopes will get the economy moving again.  The focus of the plan deals with bank lending practices, homeowner benefits and the personal credit crisis.  The first two items are largely in the hands of the government but the personal credit situation is something we can all have impact on.  For more than a decade, America has been driven by the belief that the economy will always grow and that we should consume all that we can because there was no risk of things slowing.  How wrong we all were.  The majority of Americans and the majority of East Texans have some measure of fear when it comes to the future.  So we have got ourselves into the mess what can we do to get out?  First of all, spend wisely.  Be responsible and have a plan that respects your financial resources.  Next, set a good table for the future with smart, conservative investing.  Get rich quick schemes are largely that - schemes.  Additionally, you can prepare for the future by examining your credit report.  There is a federal law that allows you free access to your credit report one time per year.  There are several websites that can link you to that report and we have those links posted with this story.  Know what lenders know about you and work diligently to improve your personal financial situation.  Being more responsible as individuals on financial matters will make this a better east Texas.

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