Gingerbread Figures

To make your own gingerbread men figures for the yard you need paint and a wood cut out of a gingerbread man. You can pick these items up at The Country Wood Pile along with a pattern for the gingerbread man if you like.

You start by painting the base coat of the gingerbread man and shading the edges so it looks like a baked cookie.

Then you start applying white paint to look like frosting on the arms and legs.

Next draw a bow tie and three little candy buttons. Next paint the face of the gingerbread man. When doing the eyes you will want to focus on highlighting and shading.

You can give the gingerbread man rosy checks just by dry brushing in a circular motion.

Finally add frosting hair by making a comma like figure around the head of the gingerbread man.

To make this item you can do it free style or with a kit at The Country Wood Pile or you can take a class on this topic. For more information call 903-534-6016