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By Morgan Chesky - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - A meal and a drink for under five dollars including tax. That's what it takes for a deal to make the cut in KLTV 7's "Cheap Eats" series.

Remember, we are trying to steer away from the dollar menus. This installment of "Cheap Eats" is filled with suggestions sent in by East Texans.

An anonymous tip led us to downtown Tyler where Mr. B's promises a filling meal for less than a Lincoln.

Inside we found that a hearty turkey sandwich, chips and a twenty oz. drink was just shy of five dollars at $4.98

Next stop on our "Cheap Eats" journey was the Taqueria el Lugar in Bullard. Inside, I checked out my menu options and made a discovery. When manager Ulysses Ordorica found out about our "Cheap Eats" series, he took action and created a brand new deal.

"The Channel Seven. [It's] special number seven with a drink for 4.60 plus tax," said Ordorica.

It was a filling super quesadilla and a fountain drink. The Channel Seven Special is catching on. Odorica said he's gonna keep it on the menu it. So KLTV viewers, hold him to it.

Down the road in Jacksonville I swung by DJ's Smokehouse. He has a bar-b-que lunch he's pretty proud of.

"It's just the best," he laughes.

Owner DJ broke down his "Cheap Eats" deal...

"Small sandwich, chips or baked potato soup and a drink for $5, including tax," said DJ.

Our last stop was Legends Old Time Burger Café in Jacksonville. They offer the best deal of the day: a third of a pound hamburger, beans and a drink for a grand total of $4.91.

Here is our bonus "Cheap Eats":

The Fish Place
269 Terminal Circle
Inside the East Texas Regional Airport Terminal Longview, TX

1 piece of catfish
w/ Fries or Slaw
1 hushpuppy
Tea...........$4.99  (tax included)

or ...Every Friday
1/2 lb. Hamburger and Fries (w/ trimmings)
and Tea...........$5.00  (tax included)

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We know there are more "Cheap Eats" out there but need your help finding them. Send your "Cheap Eats" suggestions to