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10/21/02 - Whitehouse

Gift of Love: East Texas Group Home Enriches Kids' Lives

Former Whitewater Independent Prosecutor Ken Starr was in East Texas tonight Not to talk politics, but rather about strengthening families and protecting children. He's here, to headline a fundraiser for an East Texas Foster/Adoption agency. As we step into a Group Foster Home, we meet some of those who will benefit from the event. With the sounds of a video game in the background, it's an afternoon of fun for 14 year old Tyron. But lately his life has been anything but that. Child Protective Services removed him from his home. Now, he lives at a Group Home in Whitehouse, Texas run by Christian Services of East Texas. "It's hard in a way because me and my brother used to go to the same school, but now we're separated. It's me making choices now instead of my big brother," explains Tyron. This faith based Foster and Adoption Agency in East Texas has been helping children make the right choices for more than 25 years. Pete Wemmert and his wife Marie are the Foster Parents in the group home. They help reassure and comfort the children; most are rescued from abuse and neglect. "We try to help them understand that what we have hear is a safe place for them to start with." Pete goes on to say, "God has control in everybody's life." Christian Services of East Texas plays an important role, giving each child tools to be a better person. "We feel like if we can teach the kids to be responsible for their own things, to take care of their personal belongings, their personal needs, as well as communicate effectively that will get them a long way no matter where they're at," says David Asbill, Director of Services. The foster children are encouraged to get involved. Tyron has taken up eighth grade football in Whitehouse. His coach, Vincent Hooper, has been a positive role model both in the classroom and on the field. Hooper says, "Any male figure in his life right now that can give him direction is good, is a good influence, for him. He's looking for that and he wants that. So for him to come out and play football and be a part of this program is helping him a lot." Tyron adds, "Cause in this life, you know characteristic and responsibility counts. Mama's not always going to be their to hold your hand, basically it's just you." While Tyron's stay at the group home may be temporary, he plans to use his experience here as a spring board to bigger and better things in his life. Speaking with confidence Tyron says, "I'm just going to push myself on and on and I'm just going to try to make it."

If you would like more information on Christian Services of East Texas call (903)509-0558 during regular business hours.

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