Frustrating and uncertain times effecting East Texans health

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "It's depressing" said one East Texas man who has spent the past month looking for a job.

Talking with local East Texans has made it apparent that an uncertain economy, job losses, and limited income have people feeling down and out.

"The economy is affected their health," said Dr. Roshin Rowjee of Lufkin. "Specifically, we're talking about everything from blood pressure readings that have gone up, to a lot of anxiety, panic attacks, a lot of stress."

Despite reassuring words from govenment leaders about how well Texas is doing during this national recession, East Texans still have many worries that affect their lives daily.

"You hear about the people losing their homes," said Eddie Martin. "I'm one of those people who's almost in that position. I've lived off my savings 'til there's nothing left. I'm 43. Now what am I gonna do? I'm out here looking for a job at Wal-Mart. And I have two professional degrees and I can't seem to find anything that's paying the bills."

Travosky Keil of Lufkin, shares his pain.

"It has been real stress because you wake up and you have bills and you wake up and there's no jobs to go to around here and your sitting at home and everybody is like, 'I'll call you in three weeks, I'll call you,'" said Keil. "It's just been real hard. Now, if you're not in the medical field or something like that it's gonna be hard for a lot of people."

Dr. Rowjee said that the worry and stress are not good for your health, he said there are ways you can cope, even during these frustrating and uncertain times.

"What is controllable - it's your health - your diet in particular," said Rowjee. "It's maybe setting up an exercise regime to help deal with the stress. Silent meditation, taking a few minutes from a stressful event and removing yourself from that situation."

More than that, many of the people we spoke with say what they need is proof that all hope isn't lost.

There are community and local government resources meant to help those in distressed situations. For families in need of food assistance there is an East Texas Food Bank near you that can help.

There is also counseling services for those who need advice in coping during these times.