Terminally ill 9-year-old has wedding

DALLAS, TX - It was the wedding of the decade in Southlake this weekend, and all for a nine year old Dallas girl who is dying.

"We didn't expect to do this when she was nine years old, but she has taught us all how to love each other and to be strong," said Lisa Cooper, Jayla's mother.

Jayla Cooper's battle with leukemia is expected to come to an end in the next few weeks. So, this weekend she took Jose Griggs as her friend for life. Jose and Jayla met at Children's Medical Center and quickly formed a strong bond. The young boy's parents said Jayla helped their son with his own battle with illness.

"He's brighter, happier and more content with all that they go through in the hospital," said Lawrence Griggs, Jose's father. "She changed that, brought it all [and] opened up a side of him I hadn't seen. Show your kids that you love them every moment of your life because you never know."

Cooper says they are all just cherishing their remaining time together.