Retiring Sen. Phil Gramm Tells About His 20 Years in D.C.

Retiring Senator Phil Gramm spoke in Tyler Monday.  He has been in the senate for nearly 20 years, and was congressman before that.  He reminisces about life in Washington and about his supporters.  Here are some selected excerpts from a Channel 7 News interview:

"I'm going to miss the cause. I'm going to miss fighting over the issues that I care about. Issues that affect well being working people.  [The issues are] trade or tax cuts or budgets. Those are issues I care about and issues that I'm sure I'll wish I were there."

"I have friends all over the state, and all over the country.  [These are] people I would not have known had I not gotten into public life. The sum of a man's riches, as Abraham Lincoln said, is summed up in his friends."

"People say they're going to miss their colleagues when they retire, but I'm going to miss getting to see my friends as much and I'm going to miss my staff."

"I have more faith in our system today then the day I was elected. It's a better country than when I took the oath of office in 1979, and the reason is we made it better."

"I've had a good run. I've been in public life a quarter of a century, and there's something to be said for quitting while you're ahead. There's something noble about voluntarily giving up power, and by leaving today, I know I did as good a job the last day I was there as the first."