Couple Celebrates 65th Wedding Anniversary

Mr and Mrs J.W. Best are celebrating a milestone.

65-years of wedding bliss.

Together, they've gone through the challenges and blessings of life like wars, children, and the deaths of loved ones.

They have learned through the years the secret to their happy marriage is no secret at all.

"Today we're celebrating J.W. and Madge's 65 anniversary. Will ya'll help us give 'em a handshake," exclaimed a worker at Ryan's restaurant to other patrons.

J.W. and Madge met in 1935.

"We met at a school basketball game Union Grove High School. He had been going with my girlfriend. It was kind of those things like love at first sight," remembers Madge Best.

Madge's girlfriend eventually forgave her for taking her boyfriend.

Two years later Madge and J.W. were married.

Children came soon after and then J.W. was sent to war.

"I had to leave her alone for two years when I went overseas that was kinda rough. Leaving her with a little boy," says J.W.

"And I wrote him a letter everyday he was gone except one and that was the day that his mother died and my stepmother wrote a letter that day for me," says Madge.

Through it all the couple stayed committed to each other.

A commitment their children and grandchildren learned from.

"They taught me one thing that marriage is not a 50/50 proposition. It's a 100/100 proposition. You have to be dedicated to each other," says son, David.

"To be respectful. I've learned that marriage can last," says granddaughter, Rene Albright.

Madge and J.W. say the secret to their marriage is simple. "Love. Love is the main thing."

And with J.W. and Madge love is in abundance.