Scammers targeting cell phones

By Jena Johnson

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - You might think your cell phone number is private, something only you have the power to give out. Until you receive a phone call similar to this one.

"I received a phone call, like, a week ago and it was saying that my car insurance is out of warranty, but I don't have a car," said Arielle Magee. "It's like a recording it sounds like and I just hang-up."

It's not an annoying telemarketer or caring car insurance company. It's a scam that has hit-up many East Texans.

"It's like any other type of scam, they look for people and prey on people," said Darrin Gifford, Cellular One marketing director.

Gifford said his customers information is kept under wraps.

"We do not share our information, we do not sell it for any type of marketing purpose," said Gifford. "A lot of those companies, if you read the fine print, it says they will share your information with someone else."

We checked out AT&T's website under the cell phone security policy and we found the following statement: "Please know that AT&T does not sell customer information to, or otherwise cooperate with, these companies, and we are working aggressively to combat their practices."

Neither phone companies or investigators could tell us how these scammers are getting your cell phone numbers, but you should report it to local law enforcement. Pay close attention to what the scam caller is saying during the call so you can give the information to authorities. Do not, do not give any information to the scam artists.

For all other telemarketer calls, there's a way you can block those. Just go to the Big Red Box at to find out how. Look for the link called "Blocking telemarketing calls."