New drug makes eyelashes longer and thicker

By Jamey Boyum - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - For years, there were only two ways to make your eyelashes pop. Mascara or fake. With the new drug Latisse you don't need either.

"This stuff has been around for a short period of time as F.D.A. approved and it's been touted to increase the the length and thickness and the color as well," said Dr. James R. Motlagh.

Latisse is prescription only, and pretty much the same thing as a glaucoma drug called Lumigan. It relieves eye pressure in patients, but it also does something else.

"One of the side effects they noticed in the glaucoma application is that people had longer, thicker, darker eyelashes, and most of them didn't mind," said Dr. Georgia Stephenson. shows many positive results, but in East Texas, the drug is available, but so new drug reps haven't supplied doctors with samples. Dr. Motlagh in Tyler has only prescribed it once.

"It's fairly new so I think patients are finding out about it through news sources and glamour magazines," said Motlagh. "Patients have to use it anywhere from four to sixteen weeks and if you stop using it it wears off so you have to continue using it."

A two and a half month supply is around 150 dollars, and it takes two bottles to maximize your lashes. After that, maintenance is about three times a week or about three to four hundred dollars a year.

Latisse can have some side effects like eye redness and itching. Plus, since it's what's called, a "hair follicle stimulant" you could grow hair in places you don't want it, if you do it enough times. Unfortunately for guys out there, it does not seem to grow hair on your scalp.