Smith County standoff ends without suspect in custody

Story By Jamey Boyum

Posted by Dana Hughey bio - email

Smith County, TX (KLTV)  A bizarre standoff Sunday in Smith County after a report of a man firing a gun.  Dozens of Smith county deputies, including SWAT, responded to the Town and Country Mobile Home Park.

That's located on Highway 110 North about a mile off Loop 323 in Tyler. It all started with a call from a woman, who claimed her boyfriend had been up for two days straight taking drugs. Investigators say he had allegedly become agitated and was holding her hostage until she managed to get away, but not before witnessing her boyfriend fire a gun inside a mobile home.

"The deputies arrived, tried to make contact with him by phone and over the loudspeaker, he wouldn't come out of the house," says Lt. Craig Shelton with the Smith County Sheriff's Department. "We made the decision to call the SWAT team out. We arrived and did notice three bullet holes at the front door of the house. We could tell he'd been shooting from the inside out."

The team suited up and quickly came up with a plan of attack, surrounding the mobile home. They gained entry and used a flash grenade in an attempt to stun the suspect. Minutes ticked by with no gunfire. Then, SWAT emerged with no suspect.

"Evidently when she got in the car and left to call the sheriff's department he must have gone out the back door," says Shelton.

The suspect ran, deputies believe, before the first unit arrived. Still no word on his identity.