Car chase ends in Gregg County

Lee Roy Hudson III
Lee Roy Hudson III

By Bob Hallmark - bio - email

Liberty City, TX (KLTV) With a warrant out for his arrest, a suspect makes a high speed run for it in East Texas, only to be bagged by state troopers. Troopers say a motorist led them on an interstate chase, dangerously jumping in and out of lanes, all over a traffic violation.

"I'd attempted to stop him for a traffic violation on I-20 at which point in time he refused to stop," says DPS Trooper Brandon Smith.

He fled from Liberty City to the Romeo Hill area of Highway 31, before he came to an abrupt stop. Trooper Smith was on the suspects tail all the way.

"Actually, at a point in time he did speed up at the 31 exit and the speeds did get a little higher around 80 miles an hour," says Smith.

Troopers say the suspect showed he was not going to pull over voluntarily so they had to go to extremes to try to stop him and they did that by shooting out a tire. When he finally rolled to a stop, he still wasn't going peacefully.

"We actually had to break a window out because the subject refused to open the door," Smith says.

The suspects injuries are due to the broken glass.

"We needed to get him stopped as safely and quick as we can so that the motoring public not in danger," the trooper says.

When asked by one of the troopers why he fled,  the man said he didn't know what they wanted him to do. He also had a warrant for his arrest out of Smith county. The suspect will be arraigned in Gregg county tomorrow on charges of felony evading arrest.