Cowboy Fans Celebrate a Moment in Time with Emmitt

Picture Texas stadium, Emmitt Smith is 93 yards from history.

"He's deserved it for a while," says Jason Bombard. "It's very reachable today. Especially to do it at home."

"I think he has a real good chance," says Rodney Low "He's already got nearly thirty yards in the first quarter, so he's got a real good chance."

Think back to the first quarter. Emmitt had nine carries, 55 yards, now he's 38 yards away.

"I believe he has a big chance to do it," says Bob Moment. "It all depends on the offensive line can they give him a chance to run the ball, you know."

"If they could just throw the ball down the field," says Shaun Schults. "Loosen up that defense a little bit, he'd probably break it in the first half."

Fast forward to half time. Thirteen carries, still 55 yards, Emmitt's still 38 yards away.

"The offensive lines gonna have to open up the holes for him," says John McBride. "Common sense there. It's not happening right now."

"I think if he'd keep running the ball up the middle he'd get more yards instead of trying to juke and shill," says Schults. "He don't have the holes he used to have when he went to the super bowl."

"He's gonna get it eventually," says Low. "I'd just like to see him get it at home in front of all his fans."

Take it to the third quarter with Emmitt. He's got eighteen carries, eighty yards, thirteen away. "He's fixing to get it cause they got possession, he's fixin to get it," says Melissa Smith. "He's gonna get it today."

Fourth quarter, 9:10 remaining. Emmitt runs left for eleven, a first down, and another place in the history books.

"I think he's gonna be the best of all time," says Bombard. "I think his record is gonna be very hard to break."

Until then Emmitt will be the number one rusher of all time, number one in many Cowboys fans hearts.