Special Students Spend A Night At Camp Tyler

Some special East Texas kids got a chance to go to camp Sunday. Over a dozen visually impaired children came out to Camp Tyler, meeting the animals and spending a weekend on the farm.

They started with a nature hike and tour. For many campers, it was their first experience on the farm. These kids from all over East Texas were looking forward to coming to camp, just like other children.

Returning campers Alex Stafford and Jennifer Taylor both said they were looking forward to the camp all year. "I look forward to it," Stafford said, "Because you can get away."

"You get out of school for a day," Taylor added.

"We've only been here four hours and i already can't wait for next year," Stafford concluded.

The kids also got to help cook dinner Sunday night, and stay in the dorms. Their weekend continues through Monday afternoon.