Safe Burglar Delivers Problems For Dining Out

For the twentieth time in the last year, someone forced their way into an East Texas business after hours and stole the entire safe. Dining Out, a business that delivers meals from various restaurants, was broken into Friday morning, and the safe containing financial information from their customers was taken.

The company says they have done everything they can to minimize the danger. They have contacted everyone who had business with them over the past ten days to warn them that someone may have access to their personal information.

Dining Out Assistant Manager Faith Turner explained, "Anytime your credit card gets into someone else's hands, you have the risk of it getting into the wrong hands and them using that for their own personal use. But we have taken the steps to keep anything like that from happening."

The Smith County Sheriff's Department is investigating the case, as well as another business burglary that night in the same area. Although arrests were made Tuesday in connection with one Tyler safe burglary, investigators think the dining out burglary may still be related to the rash of restaurant safe thefts that have occurred over the past year.

For any "dining out" customers who have questions about any information that might have been stolen, the company asks you to give them a call at 533-1411.