A Better East Texas: Flagged Coffins

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is reviewing the pentagon policy that bans the media from taking pictures of flag-draped coffins of military dead when they return to the United States. President Obama has said that if it will further honor our fallen heroes then he is for lifting the ban. That great patriot Senator John Kerry was one of the two senators that asked the White House to review the ban.  Yes, the same John Kerry that tossed his medals and articles from his uniform over a fence in Washington to protest the Vietnam War.  My dad was a World War two veteran and I distinctly remember his flag draped coffin at his funeral. The dignity of that sight will be with me and my family always.  And I cannot imagine that the government could establish a policy or practice that would allow the media to photograph groups of these coffins while preserving that dignity. I don't believe that it is a shameful sight but it certainly could be abused in our image hungry society.  Is maintaining the privacy of our fallen servicemen and women too great a sacrifice for the media to endure? I hope not.  But I would like to know what you think.  Please go to our website and post your thoughts on this subject.