Berman tells Chinese-American to "go home"

AUSTIN, TX - The Dallas Morning News is reporting controversy today after Rep. Leo Berman was heard telling a lawyer of Chinese-American descent to "go home" after a heated exchange over immigration in which both parties exchanged rude remarks.

Dallas lawyer, Harry Joe, called Berman "despicable" and "an evil man." Berman then made his "go home" remark and said that Joe could "kiss my [expletive]."

The angry exchange happened after a panel discussion of Berman's proposal to relocate illegal immigrants to "sanctuary cities."

What Berman says was a "private discussion" was witnessed by a reporter and several people.

"I'm not saying anything about it," Berman said. "This was a private discussion, and I do not owe him an apology, not after what he said to me."

Joe later apologized for his remarks.