Online petition asks Jones to step down as GM

Next week marks the 20th anniversary of Jerry Jones' purchase of the Dallas Cowboys.

While some fans believe he bettered the franchise, a growing number want the owner and general manager to resign as GM.

A North Texas Cowboys fan has created

The website has received more than 10,000 hits. On the site there are letters to Jones and a petition asking him to step down as general manager.

Should Jones really hand over control? It was a question we asked several East Texas Cowboy fans. 

"Yes," said Jamie Maldonado, "because the ticket prices are too expensive and the Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl in over 10 years."

"I think he should stay on as the president but definitely get rid of himself as the GM," Kendrick Henderson said. "I think Jerry is too close to the team and sometimes he bases decisions on emotion rather than rationale."

We ran into one fan whose love for the Cowboys runs skin deep. He did not want to be named but he had a Cowboys helmet tattooed on his arm.

Even he could not grade Jones' job performance.

"I like that as an owner he will give people chances other people wouldn't, but I can see him getting out of the way too."

Cowboys superfan, KLTV 7 Anchor Joe Terrell is pro-Jerry.

"Jerry's not going to fire Jerry," he said. "I'm not going to diss a man who's won three Super Bowls. Jerry knows what he's doing. Jerry's my man."

We took our question to a local manager, KLTV station manager and longtime Cowboy fan Pat Stacey.

"Jerry I think has got to really look in the mirror," Stacey said. "I think that's his next move. He has tried everything from strengthening the defense and the offense, to the management of the team. The only thing he has not done is look in the mirror."

Jones has turned the Cowboys into the world's second richest franchise and keeps things entertaining. After the playoff drought, all fans want to see results.

The kind of results Jones first brought to the table in 1989.